Some Links..

October 5, 2006

I’m a creative person when I get the time and inspiration, so I have made a couple of online galleries and informative sites for your virtual entertainment.. main site is
(in dire need of updating, when I get the time!)



My flickr – photos of varying stuff

My DeviantArt Gallery #1 – photography and a few illustrations

My DeviantArt Gallery #2 – more polished photos from workshops



My ElfWood Gallery – (old) fantasy drawings

My Fandom Graphics – (somewhat more recent )icons, banners, bars, headers, wallpapers



My ElfQuest Pagespublications guide and complementary stuff (..still WIP..)

My Gallery …is yet to be re-worked, since the site moved some time ago and I haven’t had time to fix this..



My needlebinding page – an old but fascinating craft

My Pinterest – including boards for own fandom wallies, kimono related stuff and more..

My Pixeldolls – my collection of own and others, yet to be redone..

The Pretender – misc assortment of fanart and such, from an entertaining TV series